Nail Your Idea For Your Best-Selling, Biz-Growing Book In 5 Simple Steps

Dreaming of writing your business-growing book in 2019? Not sure where to start? Or whether your book idea will fly off the shelves?

Take Clare's Josa's 5-step From Expert To Author - Nail Your Book Idea training to find out:

  • exactly which topic to pick ...
  • ... to make sure your book will stand out in a crowded market place ...
  • ... with the vital ingredient to make it a best-seller at launch - and beyond ...
  • ... and making sure it actually grows your business

Get instant access to this 5-step training. Students say it is the ideal way to boost your confidence and crank up your motivation to get writing!

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From Expert To Author 5-Step Training
And Here's What You'll Get:

5 simple steps

Each day you'll super-quick video to guide you through one of the five steps for picking the perfect topic for your best-selling, biz-growing book.

And You Are Not Alone!

Share The Journey

Get answers to your questions, celebrate your successes, bounce ideas and support like-minded authors-in-the-making in Clare's private forum, just for this training.

Pick Clare's Brain

Joining the course gets you 12 months' access to Clare's monthly group Q&A call where you can pick her brain on your questions from the course and your brilliant book idea!

     Inspiring, informative & invigorating.     

Clare helps you to bring out your 'why' and to get to the nitty-gritty of what it is you want to achieve and who you want to help with your book.


The training gave me the clarity I needed to feel like my book was achievable, like I could be the author I want to be and make a difference in my readers' lives.

Clare's passion and enthusiasm are infectious. She takes an interest in people, and provides faff-free, high quality content. She simplifies complex concepts without dumbing them - or her students - down.
I thoroughly enjoyed this training. It was inspiring, informative, and invigorating. I highly recommend it to anyone considering taking the leap into writing their first non-fiction book.

Virginia Crawford, Dressmaker & Costumier

Is It For You?

The From Expert To Author Nail Your Book Idea Course is ideal for you if you're a coach, mentor, therapist, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, chiropractor, personal trainer, yoga teacher, dentist, marketing executive, consultant, social media pro, business adviser, teacher, tutor, agency owner, or an expert in any other field where you solve clients' problems in ways they could teach themselves at home.

And you can spare a few minutes a day, for five days, to make sure your book is brilliant, not bleurgh.

By the end of the 5-step training, you’ll be feeling fired up and inspired to crack on and get your book done!

     I feel full of confidence that writing a book is now something I can do.    

I already had an idea that writing a book would be a good idea for my business and should be the thing that I do next. I was hoping for some clarity around if my idea was practically possible or going to stay as a "one day I might to this" thing.

I have come away form this training full of confidence that writing a book is now something I can do, I have a much clearer idea on what I want to write about and how to go about it. In addition it really opened my eyes to see very practical and tangible ways that this would help my business to grow.

And the group has a great energy. Reading other peoples ideas and responses to the tasks was amazing and inspiring in itself.

Thank you Clare.

Susan Rodway-Hall, Yoga Therapist

What's The Investment?

I know you're busy! And I have designed this programme to be in bite-sized chunks so you can fit it in, no matter how full your schedule is.

​The whole programme takes just a couple of hours to work through, but could save you a year of writing the wrong book.

​To do this one-to-one with Clare would be a full day's mentoring and would cost upwards of £2,000.

But if you join today, you get the full Nail Your Book Idea training for less than the price of a 30-minute 'pick Clare's brain' call.

It's yours for just £97.

Join The From Expert To Author Nail Your Book Idea Training Now!

Get started now and you could have nailed your best-selling, business-growing book idea by the end of the week! 

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare is the author of seven books, both novels and non-fiction. The first one was published in 2008 and started an incredible learning curve. Her 2016 book - Dare to Dream Bigger - has helped thousands to take the inspired actions that create breakthroughs, not burnout, in their businesses.

With her original background in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, as well as being a certified NLP Trainer (since 2003) and former Head of Market Research at Dyson, she has a gift for helping you to pull out the essentials of your Inner Genius and turn them into a book that your dream readers will love.

In the From Expert To Author Nail Your Book Idea Training Clare shares with you the five-step strategy it took her ten years and seven books to discover. Over the five days, she sets you up to nail your best-selling book idea, so you'll feel inspired, more confident, and be raring to go with writing your book!

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Join The From Expert To Author Nail Your Book Idea Training Now!

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